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third engine films

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April 30th, 2003

Spring finds the world in an interesting state. We're at "war" for one reason or another, and as a result, it's not enough to be merely an artist or a writer or a musician. In a sense, these times call for more than a film, a song or a poem, they call for the defense of our logic and our ideals. So, whatever your calling, be it to support the government in this war or to raise your voice against it, then do something creative to bring merit to your cause. The world suffers from an influx of talking heads and pointless news crawls, and what the world needs is for someone to go out and make the news with something positive of their own.

Third Engine Films was started to showcase the efforts of a few of my close friends as we created a series of videos for our high school. Now that we're all graduated, it's kind of up in the air as to where we're going. I'm currently pursuing a double major in film and political science at UC Santa Cruz, while Matt is at UCLA studying computer engineering. Sarah's soon to be at UCLA working in film, and Ryan will be at UC San Diego soon. We've gone in different directions as to our education, however; we're still united through our appreciation for film and artwork. Despite the varying political opinions of our collective, we can appreciate each other as artists.

And what does this mean for the future? It basically means that "Gabriel" may or may not be made anytime soon. It's hard to collaborate across the state on anything, much less a film project. I'm working hard at trying to locate production equipment, and the script sits finished in my desk drawer, but there is much work to be done. You may be waiting for quite some time to see a project with the words "third engine films" stamped on it. But, it's not over. The rally videos will stay up for you, along with all bios, links, etc even if we're in a state of hiatus.

On a personal note, I may be purusing a documentary with some of my fellow students at Santa Cruz regarding the ethics of the PATRIOT act. I urge you to find something inspiring, and document it. Share it with the world, instead of bombs and bullets and death. And never compromise what you believe.


p.s. go easy on the bandwith, please?






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