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Rally Videos

The Fat and The Furious

The first rally video we ever did- detailing the adventures of our loveable campus security guards, this was the one that got us the green light to do three other projects for the school.


Supposed to be shown with The Real World: Newport Beach episodes, but since the administration took offense to The Real World, this was the only thing shown. At the very least, you should be able to get an impression of how our former teachers relate to students.

The Real World Episode I and Episode II

q: What happens when you take the fifteen smartest kids in the school and put them up in a posh beach house a la "The Real World"?

a: 40 hours of editing on a jittery, Red Bull fueled weekend, and a big crash like a ghost on speed when we found out the videos couldn't be shown to the school due to "content issues." Oh well, check it out here or in the NHHS video yearbook 2002.

Other Projects

Apocalypse Later

At the very least, this parody shows there's a reason why Kenny Nisbet spends most of his time BEHIND the lense rather than in front of it.

Nixon: The Man Behind The Microfilms

The first project ever. Edited in MPEG-1 because Kenny's hard-drive nearly ran out of space. We look back on this and laugh- maybe it was our lack of editing skill, or maybe it's because we somehow managed to make the biggest threat to civil liberties (exempting George W. Bush) look like a decent man.


Note:Use RealPlayer 8 or G2 to view the video clips. Do not use RealOne- it won't play the files. You can download RealPlayer 8 here.